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Retirement Plan - Capital Needs Analysis

One of the major components of the personal financial planning process is Retirement Planning. After all, we all want to have enough money so that we can retire comfortably and not all of us will win the lottery. In addition to having enough money to be able to retire, many of us also want to retire early. However, children, vacations, cars, houses and food require current uses of our resources that may otherwise be available for our "golden years". Also, retirement seems so distant that we tend not to focus on saving for retirement. We opt to utilize our available resources now instead of saving and investing for retirement.

In creating this retirement plan, we will focus on 3 key areas:
  1. Your financial needs during retirement
  2. Your income sources during retirement
  3. Are you currently saving enough
As an additional note, we will allow you to create this plan for you to both include and exclude Social Security income. As a paranoid individual, I personally do not include any income in my own retirement plan, but we will provide you the ability to include this in your plan.

If you're ready to get started, click 'Get Started' below, if you'd like more general information on retirement and other personal finance topics, click on 'Not Ready' below.

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Disclaimer: Please note, this tool does not in any way provide you with a recommendation based on calculated results. These calculations are the results of the inputs that you entered into this model. The model provides projections on this set of assumptions. This model should not replace the recommendations of a professional financial advisor.

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